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About Neil

Neil McNeill began his serious study of paranormal phenomena through an association with noted California parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach in 1993. After seven years of independent research, Neil began a two year stint as lead investigator for the Washington State Ghost Society. Since 2004, Neil has served as an investigative consultant to the Evergreen Paranormal Group, as well as a parapsychology consultant for television and film. Neil is a member of the international Parapsychological Association, the Rhine Research Institute, and the Seattle Consciousness Education and Research Society. Neil is also pursuing advanced studies in parapsychology with the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research.

Neil's college-level courses in paranormal investigation were the cover story of the North County Journal's October 2009 issue, and made Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s list of “best and most sought-after” adult education classes in the Seattle area. Neil's work has also been featured on KING-5's "Evening Magazine," KOMO-4 News, KAYO Radio, and as a front-page article in The Seattle Times.

In addition to his work in parapsychology, Neil is a certified reflexologist, Reiki practitioner, and an instructor at Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center.